About Us

Our Business


Birdseye Planning Group (BPG) is a professional services firm providing planning and environmental services within three primary areas - market rate residential and mixed use,  affordable/supportive housing and public utilities. Our firm was founded on a very simple principle - be proactive and work fast.  For our clients, time is money and delays in the entitlement process impact the bottom line. We assist our clients by working proactively with all parties early to define the project, address issues of concern, create an effective entitlement approach and prepare documentation needed to meet regulatory requirements.

We provide many services in-house; however, when projects require a discipline we can't address, we have many partners that specialize in biological and cultural resource management, traffic impact analysis, hazardous materials, engineering and related services needed to address specific project requirements.

BPG is a California state certified Small Business #1796880, 

We are also members of the Urban Land Institute San Diego/Tijuana Chapter, the San Diego Building Industry Association and San Diego Housing Federation.

Our Team


Ryan Birdseye has over 25 years of experience managing the entitlement and environmental documentation process for a diverse range of projects across the western United States.  Since 2000, Ryan has worked primarily in California managing land development, renewable energy, transportation, water resource and telecommunication projects throughout the state.  He currently teaches a course entitled CEQA and Related Environmental Regulations through the Burnham-Moore Center for Real Estate at the University of San Diego.  Ryan has a "big picture" perspective on the California development process and is able to efficiently lay the groundwork for project entitlements, identify key steps in the process and ensure all documentation needed to meet regulatory requirements is prepared and approved prior to public hearings. 

Whether you're a development professional located in-state and need an extra set of hands to move the process forward or located out of state and need help navigating the land development process in California, Ryan has the experience to simplify and add certainty to the entitlement process.

Jennifer Birdseye has over 22 years of marketing, production and business management experience.  She is also experienced providing planning and zoning support services to our land development clients. She handles all production requirements and is responsible for monthly invoicing and related business matters.